The passion for the animals in general and for dogs in particular was born with us. In the year 2005 we fell in love with Jack Russell Terrier. More and more fans to the breed, we choose among the best blood lines to have Jacks more and more in standard and with excellent temperament. Got good results in Show and Work and got the appreciation of people who adopted a puppy from us: two great joys and satisfactions. Many consider us the best breeding of Jack Russell Terrier with smooth hair, in Italy and in the world; we will always do our best to maintain these expectations. We have chosen to live in the country: the best place to grow your future puppies. With their love of life have changed our lives!


To adopt one of our puppy and for more information please contact us by mobile or visit the web page Available Puppies. Your visit is very welcome (by appointment) to know our Jacks and see where and how they live. The puppies are delivered after the 60th day of life with pedigree, microchip, first vaccine, deworming and certified veterinary examination by Dott. Rachele Luzzi who continuously monitor our breeding. Prices vary depending on the subject and genealogy. Our Jack have excellent bloodlines, as well as model and excellent character.


In 800, in England, Reverend Russell selected small terriers to help the fox hunt. Later in the barns will be used for hunting mice, becoming the friendly mascot of many stables. The height is 9.85/11.82 inches and the weight around 13.23 lbs. The coat has a white base and orange patches and/or black. The ears are small and V-shaped. Cheerful, bright, sweet and helpful live well at home or in the garden. Very balanced, relates with positivity with kids and other dogs. Brave and determined is a good guardian and a good athlete in disciplines such as agility. The breed was recognized in 2000 and a Jack, to be a "real" Jack Russell with features typical of the breed guaranteed, must have strictly the pedigree.


We live in the countryside north of Grosseto. For our Jacks we have equipped wide open spaces, with much green, wooden structures, insulated and heated kennels, fresh water always available and also a small forest of cork and holm for practice and recreation. Our dogs live with us inside and outside the home and our females always give birth next to our bed!


We love our Jack to feel like little "pashas". We like to see them happy and fulfilled life varied and comfortable that we were able to offer. Able to look after them and, be our companions for life is a gift that they make us. We are happy with the sacrifices we make for them. . .ensuing peace has no price. We thank these "little elves" who have entered stealthily in our life and have, with no escape, captured our hearts. We thank them for their teaching and invaluable complicity that they give to our life and to our daughter: we see them, together, happy, joyful, serene and feel the dream come true...